Russ Coomer/TBD

Committee Member

Alex McLennan

Committee MemberTheresa Tyner
Committee MemberDave Jolliffe
Committee Member

James Tyner

Committee Member

The ARC has the responsibility to ensure that the construction of new homes, additions to existing homes, exterior modifications, or other structures to be built on Woodland Waters lots comply with the guidelines set forth by the Homeowners Association of Woodland Waters, Inc.

Mission Statement of the ARC
Our mission is to ensure harmony of design, to protect and preserve the aesthetics and value of properties in Woodland Waters, and to promote and preserve the health, safety and general welfare of the owners and enhance the desirability of Woodland Waters as a residential community.

The Woodland Waters Architectural Committee is committed to working closely with you in order to have your project come to a successful completion. We would be happy to answer any and all questions. We wish to encourage all residents to contact us prior to making any exterior changes to your home or on your lot, no matter how small.

Additional examples that require ARC involvement include: sheds, garages, driveways, additions, fences, etc.

The ARC request form can be found on HOA Documents page along with the Deed Restriction documents for your use and review.

Once we receive the ARC request form we will visit your home to review the request with at least 3 committee members.

Committee Member
Patricia Sala
Committee Member
Linda Wisniewski
Committee Member
Shannan Newell

This committee is responsible for reviewing homeowner grievances with the HOA Board. This committee does not have a Board Director sponsor and is made up of independent homeowner members to assist mediating HOA Board vs member conflicts, please contact us if you have a conflict.

HOA Board


Architectural Review Committee

Board Director Sponsor & Chairperson            Tony Davidson

Co-Chairperson                                                     Jane Heid

This committee is responsible for the website you are visiting now. The committee is also responsible for HOA Documents and also communications to our Homeowner members.


Nominating Committee

Beautification Committee

Communications Committee

Welcoming Committee

Mediation Committee

Board Director Sponsor
Cathy Davidson
Co-ChairpersonDebbie Coomer
Co-ChairpersonFay Strotjohann
Committee MemberSandra Kielb

Our friendly smile committee! This committee visits new homeowners bringing them a welcome plant and a copy of our deed restrictions. If you are new, "WELCOME to the community". If for some reason you are new and we haven't met you yet, please contact us!

Woodland Waters

Homeowners Association

Please remember your Board of Director's are elected by the homeowners' and are also volunteers and resident's themselves.

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HOA Calendar of Events

Unanimously the Woodland Waters HOA Board is making sure that all committees are associated with a Board Director sponsor and at least a two person co-chairperson team. This is to make sure we have appropriate coverage for homeowner requests and fairness in execution of duties. We expect the Chairperson team to be responsible for their selected committees and escalate any issues through their Board Director Sponsor.

We are always looking for assistance on any of these committees.  PLEASE  contact us if  you are interested in assisting your community.

Deed Violations Committee

Board Director  Sponsor & Chairperson
Russ Coomer
Committee MemberDave Jolliffe
Committee MemberFred Strotjohann

This committee is responsible for keeping our front entrance, boat ramp, and tennis court areas working smoothly, neat and member friendly.

We have contracts for on-going maintenance functions of these public areas, but this committee helps with the little extra touches that improve our community and we are ALWAYS looking for assistance, so please contact us if you don't mind lending a hand.

Woodland Waters Phases

Woodland Waters HOA is currently comprised of FIVE different phases. These phases each have distinct deed restriction documents. We believe it is important that homeowners understand that this complexity makes it even more important that they work with the board and committee's for Architectural Review (ARC) and Deed Violations (PLEASE SEE Committees section just below) . Since the board and committees are made up of residents and your neighbors we strive for a successful outcome to these requests.

To confirm which Phase you are in please use the Hernando County Property Appraiser's website to look up public information about your property. As a reference Phase III is the Enclave and Phase 6 is currently managed by the developer and not currently a part of our association.

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Board Director Sponsor & Chair Persons

Tony Davidson

Russ Coomer
Committee Member
Mike Myers
Committee Member
Paul Lennon

This committee is to screen candidates for available positions on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee does this by reviewing applications submitted and interviewing the prospective candidates.  If you would like to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors, please contact us.

Co-Board Member Sponsor & Chairperson

Russ Coomer
Co-Board Member Sponsor & Chairperson

Jim Devorak

Deed Violations are reviewed on an ongoing basis through driving tours of the community. These reviews are conducted by at least a pair of homeowner volunteers to include at least one of the committee members.

Once a violation is noted you will be mailed a post card with the violation details. It is IMPORTANT that you either fix the violation at this point OR  contact us to discuss the issue, as this is a courtesy notice.

If the post card courtesy notice is ignored you will be forwarded to the Attorney and will receive a follow-up notice with a declaration to comply. If this notice goes ignored, the HOA Attorney will take further action that will incur personal financial penalty.

Deed Restriction documents can be found on the HOA Documents page for your review.